Implant denture price pain lifespan

Implant denture price pain lifespan

Now, if you need to restore all of your teeth to artificial teeth regardless of age group, you can find these implant dentures regardless of age or gender.

As the number of young patients in their 30s to 40s who have lost all teeth is looking for implant dentures, the number of patients receiving implant denture counseling and procedures has increased significantly compared to the past.

On the contrary, in the case of the elderly,

As the insurance coverage period for implants over 75 years of age is approaching, more and more people postpone implant surgery to July and make reservations.

The main questions you are curious about to receive an implant denture are as follows.

※ Implant denture life

※ Implant denture period

1) Implant denture life

 The picture you are seeing above is the picture of having undergone an implant denture procedure.

Place 2 to 4 implants (if you can place more than 6 implants, it’s good), and make custom-made special dentures on top of them and use the implant dentures. Compared to normal dentures, eating is much more comfortable, and the symptoms of the gums being pressed or the dentures being loosened are much less likely to fall out.

The lifespan of an implant denture should be divided into two parts.

 1) Life of special dentures

 2) Implant life

In general, the life of a prosthesis that is connected to an implant and used as a special denture is shorter than that of the implant. In the case of general dentures (dentures used by keeping them on the gums), they are often newly manufactured because they do not fit well with the gums within about 5 years, and implant dentures can be used as long as the lifespan of a general prosthesis, but several teeth are tied together in one lump. Therefore, even if one tooth is broken, it may be necessary to make a new one, and its lifespan varies from individual to individual, so it is difficult to determine exactly, but you have been using it for about 8 to 10 years.

(Even if the implant dentures are not broken or there is no problem, the technology is gradually developed, making it possible to manufacture special dentures for implants that are more comfortable, so there are cases in which special dentures are newly manufactured for upgrades.)

​The life of the implant can be continued as long as the implant placed on the gum is well fixed to the gum bone. If the gum management is not clean, the implant placed on the gum may eventually fall out due to the exposure of the root.

​You should avoid excessive meals with implant dentures, and you can extend the life of the implant dentures by keeping them clean.

4) Implant denture treatment period

There are individual differences in the duration of treatment for implanted dentures.

The total duration of treatment depends on the period during which an implant is placed in the gum bone and bone fusion between the implant and the gum bone occurs. In the case of bone transplantation due to insufficient gum bone, it is necessary to wait for a period of 6 months or longer for the separately implanted artificial bone powder to change to my bone. The duration of implant dentures differs depending on how to proceed with surgery.

A simple implant denture that proceeds without bone graft can be expected for about 3 months, and if a bone graft is accompanied, the implant denture period may take 6 to 9 months or longer or 12 months or longer.

Many people come from the provinces and receive treatments for implant dentures.

Since implants are not a daily visit and treatment procedure, you can visit once or twice a month to receive treatment, and at the end of implant treatment, you may visit once a week to create a pattern and customize your dentures. If you are looking for the Kardish, click here.